8 ideas for planning a vintage wedding

Weddings with retro or vintage theme is the wave these days. They have great style and can be super romantic and glamorous (think of the Great Gatsby in the 20’s or the incomparable elegance of Art Deco in the 40’s) or super fun and vibrant (think of the Mod wave of the 60’s and hippie chic 70’s ). The truth is that there is a lot to be inspired retro themed wedding if it is, so if you need some start point where you are in the right place. If you have a theme in mind here it is what you need to consider in planning your retro wedding without complications.

The place

You’ll want to choose a place that complements the retro theme you have in mind. For example if you are dreaming of a theme of glamorous and sophisticated 20s definitely want to delete from the list the places with super modern style and of course country-style places, farms, etc … The idea is to choose input a place that combines with your theme, and not one that you need to completely redesign that does not clash.


When you think is a retro wedding, surely the first colors that come to mind are neutral, white, and black tones (I suspect because in part many of the images of once we are presented right in sepia and black and white) but the truth is you can use more colors, provided they follow a clear theme. Some vibrant colors you could consider combining with a neutral palette for a retro look are royal blue, vibrant yellow and khaki. You can also choose to use soft and wispy pastel colors like pink, green mint, peach tones as a base and metallic accents.

The invitations

Your guests excited with the theme you have chosen from the moment they receive their invitations. Choose designs and retro graphics that reflect the theme you have chosen for your wedding. Uses art and designs of the time you have chosen. Choose a style clean, neat handwriting, and simple adequate and reminiscent of the period in question. And of course it uses colors that evoke the style you have in mind.

Lighting; Romantic lucesitas (which has always been used) are not the only option available (although their versatility is just what makes them great favorites of all). You can choose pendant lights, industrial style lamps, flashlights with lace accents, and ornamental screens for votive candles with designs that reflect the era and theme you have chosen.


Definitely you want a dress that reflects the era perfectly. Whether you choose a vintage dress of the time, or perhaps include accessories very era, or even the best to choose an elegant and classic wardrobe / costume theme you have chosen. You want to reflect the theme of your wedding, at least, you trousseau, that of your partner, and the bridal procession.

Small details

Land your theme with small details. Place a phonograph or jukebox era near the dance floor, maybe an antique typewriter on one side of book signatures of the guests. Get inspired by photographs and old movies. What best of all, you do not have to go around buying antiques and retro accessories, the you can rent! If! Located a couple of shops and retro accessories props and an occasional vintage shop. In addition you can borrow (take care and then return) occasional old your family or someone you know have saved around;. The photographs

Try to find a photographer to produce images in vintage style you’re looking for. Remember that not only is the end product, but also the photographic direction when taking pictures. Ask to see their portfolio and make sure you can give yourself a job in the photographic style you want. Clearly communicate your creative vision and what you want to see reflected in your wedding photos.

The tables

One of the most creative aspects of any wedding is the table decorations. You can dress the table 100% retro from the tablecloth, to the dishes to glassware and utensils, to the centerpiece. Consider renting crockery, cutlery and vintage glassware. And of course, choose a retro design adhoc your topic for an unforgettable center table.