5 Ideas for winter table centers

The flowers you can find during the winter season, both which are found only in the winter as they are always available, are varied and very beautiful. So technically, you can have almost any type of centerpiece at your wedding. But if you’re planning a winter themed wedding you might want to bring the magic of the season in your centerpieces. Here are some ideas center table perfect for a winter holiday themed wedding.

Only once a year beautiful spheres hanging from trees, garlands and wreaths are. This is during the winter! These beautiful Christmas decorations developed only used in blown glass and intricate designs. The spheres were evolving over time in all kinds of designs who are now vintage and very fashionable. Today you can find them all kinds of materials and prices.

Important: Limit yourself to a single color areas for all centerpieces, or at most a monochromatic or two-tone combination. Whether you use two colors spheres base, or a color center table and another color other centerpiece. This will give your arrangement a unified and sophisticated look.

Tip: Want to save a little? Visit the Dollar Store, generally they offer packages of plastic beads one color of various sizes and designs. With a little luck you will find areas where one color theme of your wedding. Get a glass bases (surely find them there too), place the spheres, and enough water to cover. And ready! Center and super chic minimalist table.

Do you love winter, Christmas, wedding or want a new year? You really do not need to do many different things when planning your wedding. One of the elements that can most make a difference in setting the tone of the wedding is the color scheme in flowers and decor. Just choose the color scheme that best represents winter the holiday of your choice.

You’ve probably seen pinecones in almost all kinds of winter decorations. These beautiful little gifts of mother nature begin to make their appearance in autumn and winter but are really booming in the spring. In cold weather it is not very common to see the floors of parks and forests full of pineapples during winter and hence we can enjoy this beautiful “flowers” wood in all kinds of decorations.

For a super winter center it includes table and natural pine cones, pine needles, berries and other typical elements of the season. You can also use a pine wreath with pine cones and festive decorations as centerpiece including one or more candles in the center. Besides being a centerpiece with personality is an excellent memory for your guests because they can proudly hang the wreath on your door and remember your wedding every time they enter and leave the house.

Tip: If your color scheme does not include coffee you can easily paint pineapples color you want.

Want a more modern and chic look? Such reinvent the classic centerpieces with a touch more futuristic and at the forefront.

For a winter look like the first picture it includes dry branches silver, votive candles in glass vasijitas seem icicles, and another dendrobium orchid wand entwined by the branches.

You can also enjoy something more contemporary and modern as the arrangement of the second photograph.

Centerpieces made from a single type of flowers and a single tone are classic, elegant and super chic. Use seasonal flowers such as tulips. If you are celebrating a winter themed wedding you can choose one of the colors that symbolize the holiday and you can use the other thematic accents in the rest of the decor. This will give a very elegant and sophisticated feel to your wedding without losing the magic of the holiday that you chose as your wedding theme.

The wonder of planning your wedding is that you are who will decide what items you want to include in your centerpiece, which will use color scheme, and theme. Remember that at the end of the day is what you’re celebrating your marriage and your wedding so feel free to choose centerpieces that really enjoy. Congratulations and to celebrate it has been said!