12 beauty tips to look beautiful and vibrant on your wedding day

Prepare yourself with some practical advance and follow these simple tips to look regal and super-fabulous on your wedding day.

If! Do 5 to 3 days before your wedding will give your skin enough time to recover and look smooth, smooth, libe irritation and of course free and beautiful.

Important: If you usually do not want to shave it with a professional. If you want to do it yourself give the highest priority to your eyebrows, since they are all part of your face and shapely and stylized look half your eyebrows you are ready.

Choose one that sincere, total, and absolutely love flattering and tone or discrete. Make it a day in advance to make sure we can give the required drying time and not have to rush the process. Generally speaking it is more advisable to choose a wedding is low-key, sweet and romantic tone – think cremita, pearl, pink translucent, etc. If you really want to look strong or bright color consider how you will feel in 10, 20, 30 years to see your photos with this tone enamel on your nails. If this color is what goes best with your personality and style, and others do not combine flat or not then please forward. If it’s fashionable thing, and really not a tone that you love and part of your personality or identity then choose something safe and classic because your hands will be photographed at the time of ring signature, toast, with your flowers, etc.

Note: Whether that you go with a professional or do it yourself be sure to bring additional glaze tone that you chose in your cosmetiquera to repair any damage to the chip or manicure the day of the wedding.

Remember: Taking good care of your hands before the wedding, so that no matter what kind of manicure … do you look divine!

For more you want do not skip breakfast. This is very important. You may not have appetite, maybe you worry fit well in the dress, you might want to use that time for something else … no matter what excuse or reason: ignore it. A good, healthy breakfast, balanced, with the right ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fiber will keep 100% and with all the energy you will need to stand the test of day. Believe me skip breakfast will not make much difference in your eye but if your energy level not want to be tired, stomach creaking, or even worse to faint in the most important moments of your day.

Vital. If! Water is vital, it is vital to keep hydrated, with radiant skin, and even to keep you alert and vibrant. Make sure you have fresh water on hand and if you take her thirst with confidence, the most that can happen is you’re hydrated, desinflamada, and radiant. If you ask me, it is pure win.

Do you notice the common denominator? If! The point is to spend some pampering and taking care of you and indulging your body and spirit uninterrupted time. This step is vital to stay relaxed and focused on your wedding day. Try to get everything ready a few days before the wedding at the latest, and the very day be sure to set aside time just for you. Yes, just for you, without stylists, makeup artists or without bridesmaids, or anyone. It’s your last day maiden so you’ll want to have some time to yourself and enjoy it to the fullest. This will keep you balanced and at peace when the action starts, it likewise will help you look as beautiful as you can look, because there’s nothing like feeling good to look fabulous.

If! It sounds obvious, but if it was not, now it is already. The hairstyle is the first thing you should do. Wear comfortable clothes and you can take off without damaging the hairstyle, a gown if you are preparing at home or a shirt or blouse type of button front dress that can take off without having to slide head. And with the finished hairstyle but without the veil (in case you are going to wear one – especially if it is medium to long), comes to makeup, once the makeup is complete, you can dress, and finally wrap the veil and accessories as jewelry and dressings at the end.

Most hairstylists prefer hair with some natural greasers to make the hair stays in place throughout the celebration. Depending on your hair type, hairstyle of your choice, and your amount of daily activity one of the most recommended tips by stylists is that you do not wash your hair 2 to 4 days before you go to comb it. Consult your stylist and ask him to suggest the best for your hair type and style you have chosen for your big day.

1. Hayas tested in advance (you want to make sure you will not suffer allergies with him and will not damage your skin – no need to stress this in your wedding.) 2. When you’re visually used (you want to feel sexy, beautiful and glamorous – not disguised). Even if it’s not your usual makeup, you want to feel yourself at your wedding, so if it’s a new style try it several times and get used to it. You do not want to feel “different” the day of your wedding. Here 3 tips to help you;. 3. It is long lasting and waterproof. MaquĆ­llate step, use mascara waterproof, indelible lipstick and powder or spray to “fix” the makeup).

If you wear makeup expert ask the list of essential products (lipstick, blush, and shadows) and makeup palette you have used in your makeup you have your own basic game and you can touch up your makeup when you need it without worrying about ” hit it “tone. Many makeup artists will offer touch-up or a game will help you with the information you need so you can touch up your makeup without problems. If you put make-up on your own just prepare your cosmetiquera and make sure you bring everything you need. Appoints a good friend, sister, or your mother to help you to check your makeup during the day and if possible to carry a touch up your makeup.

Want your vanity case of emergencies include: breath mints, chewing gum, thread, needle, pins, lime, hand cream, clear nail polish, aspirin, antihistamines, lip gloss, bandages, tissues, baby wipes, droplets eye , spot cleaner type stains, salts for fainting, a bottle of water, and anything else you can think of that might be handy to carry with you and can get you out of trouble if you need them.

If! A big smile lights up a whole room and a cheerful, happy spirit is contagious. Do not worry. Enjoy your day. Things will work out great, and if not, what does it matter? 1. Most guests will not know if something does not go exactly as planned, believe me. 2. The best stories are often of “droll things” that happened. 3. These celebrating your marriage. You’re getting marrying the person you love! What more could you ask for?

You plan your wedding with care and attention and give your best effort in the process. Mere enjoy your wedding day and let everything flow, while you and your loved one end up married at the end of the day everything else is frosting on the cake.