10 tips to get started in feminism

If you’ve decided to learn more about feminism, get the violet glasses and incorporate it into your lifestyle, take note of these 10 tips to get started.

It is important to be clear about the key concepts. Do not let them confuse you. There is much misunderstanding about what is and is not feminism (or better yet, feminisms). So we suggest you read ‘Feminism for Beginners’, Nuria Varela, published by Ediciones B and ‘Everyone should be a feminist’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Started as text, a little thug, also choose ‘How to be a woman’ Caitlin Moran. And subversive and revealing, ‘King Kong Theory’ of Virginie Despentes.

Gradually, go creating your feminist library. Each author will be a discovery: Adrienne Rich, Marcela Lagarde, Angela Davis, Kate Millet, …

And be careful with all existing manipulations around feminism is not exclusive, nor is there the feminazismo, nor is against men.

Do you really think a movement that vindicates the rights of half the population there is no cause that you can support ?. Promote women’s leadership, advocating education for girls, claiming more space for women in culture, working in a foster home, denounce sexist advertising, …

There are so many rights of women are violated on a daily basis, your support is very necessary. Look for the feminist cause more worries you or you think you can bring more experience and knowledge. In Women’s Foundation and Amnesty International you can find some. Although perhaps in your own neighborhood or in your workplace also they need you. Find out more!

You will discover a lot of things, you’re going to make a lot of questions and you need to share. And a blog or a notebook and pen can help. Start targeting those phrases that most inspire you, and giving your views on the news, you read books or conversations you hear in the market, the school or the subway. And sure you also have your own story.

In his blog, the writer and feminist Gemma Lienas includes great tips for writing and publishing. It’s never too late to start. Simone de Beauvoir wrote their summit work ‘The Second Sex’ when he was already 40. It was his first foray into feminism, and it was a revolution.

Also social networking, photography, video-blog are artistic and vindictive ways you can use.

You can be a writer like Virginia Woolf, a sportswoman and Kathrine Switzer or even a fictional character like Lisbeth Salander, the star of the Millennium trilogy, or Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games.

It is important to have one or more references that you provide arguments or good ideas if things go wrong or someone tries to discuss the dispute. And besides, their stories are very motivating.

Comes the fun part. The series have changed and some as ‘Girls’ comes from a very intelligent life of a group of women between 20 and 30 years hence. Its protagonist, Lena Dunham has attracted many feminists vocations.

You can also see ‘Orange Is the New Black’, ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Borgen’, ‘Jessica Jones’ or ‘Half and Catch Fire’, a series with two female characters whose referent is Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer .

Culture has historically invisible to women, which is often portrayed as a masculine ideal of beauty and attitude. But as women artists in film, as in painting or photography, have passed machismo dealers, gallery owners and art centers … it has emerged a movement of feminist art, with trailblazers like Frida Kahlo and you flagged as Cindy Sherman or the Guerrilla Girls movement.

Margaret Atwood’s books or the recent Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro, the music of Le Tigre, Beth Ditto or Lorde, Nadine Labaki’s cinema … There is a whole feminist and diverse culture to explore and enjoy.

Knowing that education does not end in college or high school, being a feminist means reviewing the values ​​that have been educated and go beyond. Part of this emotional backpack and knowledge is a legacy of patriarchy, which has built up over the centuries a relationship of power of men over women.

In the English-speaking world there is a groundswell to review the story from the point of view of women, herstory (of her story, ‘his story’ using prefixing the possessive adjective feminine in English, against His story, masculine) . Many men also are rethinking negative values ​​associated with masculinity (violence, power, family absenteeism …). And if we review our own personal history?

Beware the neomachismo! Many people (men, but also women) say they favor equality, but put all sorts of objections to try to wear the feminist cause. They are phrases like: ‘We are already equal’, ‘there are false allegations of sexist violence’, ‘equality laws discriminate against men’, ‘women when they are in power are the worst’, …

Prepare good arguments to refute or a list of books to recommend.

A good circle of friends with whom you can talk about the issues that concern you and a network of women’s support is important to enjoy feminism and share experiences of everyday sexism, feeling heard and understood.

Women’s networks have always worked to take forward projects and even entire societies. In Europe and the United States, while the man was in the front in the global war, they drew forth the daily life of the towns or cities. Women are also the social base in regions such as the Sahel in Africa, or in many indigenous communities.

In terms of work, belong to a professional network will help you grow in the job under a much closer perspective to your reality and how to approach the challenges and difficulties.

Sporting group, music, feminist mothers or good witch coven.

Find yourself good allies on the Internet and in everyday life!

2016 begins with an agenda really, which include the ephemeris of women who have made history and motivational phrases to make every day a stimulus for you.

The’ll need, there are many activities, lectures, exhibitions, articles, courses … you’ll want to sign. Because feminism, like all knowledge, engage, and much.