10 ideas for saving costs on your wedding

There are many ideas for saving costs on your wedding. No sacrificing dream because pocket. The trick is to know what elements you can not miss in your day is with that in mind and plan things so that you have your cake and eat it too!

The first is to prioritize. All dream of our wedding and there are certainly things that certainly can not miss. Take enough time to record the details that definitely can not miss in your day and priorízalos from most to least important time. With this list in mind you can invest wisely for your wedding budget and save on things that are not a priority for you.

The second is organized. If! Get yourself right now a folder where you can archive everything and do all kinds of notes. Having a single folder and organize information exclusively for your wedding will help you a lot because you can quickly compare the best deals and options to achieve your dream economizing to the maximum.

Since you have in mind what is most important to you get the most out insurance these 10 ideas for saving costs on your wedding.

Marrying off season or at least one day earlier requested that the coveted weekend can significantly save the cost of getting married. Avoid choosing feriadas, special, or just typical for wedding dates. This includes Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Memmorial Day, and almost any other holiday that offers weekend of 4 days. We must also pay attention to the wedding season in the area where you live. Choose a not-so requested by the other couples date gives you an advantage when negotiating with service providers and can help you get very good discounts. So now you know, date chosen considering the possibilities of economizing.

Since breakfast costs less than a brunch, brunch costs less than a meal, and a meal costs less than dinner, the earlier wedding can save more. At a breakfast or brunch you can limit to offer tea, coffee, juices, and perhaps mimosas to toast, so you can save significantly in the area of ​​liquor. Even better, although the functions of the morning can be as formal as you want, they can also be more casual so you can also save on wedding dress.

If you want to save, keep in mind that you have to limit the number of people who will be present at your wedding. Each person you invite to your wedding represents a cost. It is selective and limit your guests to those people who really matter are present. Remember that later you can share all the events of the day with anyone you want, either through electronic media and social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or old-showing your photo album who could not attend your wedding.

Simplicity is elegance premium. A simple invitations on white paper and black ink can be a thousand times cheaper than an expensive and elegant and colorful invitations. You can also save sending your invitations to a printer instead of a calligrapher, or what is more, you design them yourself on your computer and print them in beautiful paper. Limit your invitation to skip the basics and decorative inserts and other frescuritas. You can also skip RSVP card if you offer your guests a method of booking, either by phone (01800 for example) or electronically (website, e-mail, or blog for your wedding). And besides all these options are environmentally friendly too!

Calls budgets in all places that interest you and for all services. If you go to see a show that besides the place offers services food and beverage requests a budget with and without these services. After budgets consultation with the service provider and compares banquet. Take time to analyze with calculator in hand all budgets. With a clear idea of ​​the average costs, and offers different providers, you can negotiate with the supplier of your choice to reach an agreement where you Logres save and he achieves a valued customer in you. Remember that your wedding has guests, and your every guest is a potential customer for your service provider.

Do not let the last minute price negotiations. If you have already sent out the invitations and you come over time your provider will have an advantage over you. It is better to negotiate in advance and without pressure. If you have found a service provider that you really like and want to hire, but I like their prices were lower, try talking to the person responsible to see how you can lower prices. This is a very good strategy, for example, negotiate with a local florist: she knows what seasonal flowers for the date that you’re marrying are, and can suggest cheaper and equal options nice to you have in mind for your bouquet, floral arrangements and centerpieces.

Another option to take advantage when negotiating is to get together with friends who are also getting married. If two or three or more friends will marry can negotiate with service providers to give them the best price, because it would be something like wholesale services and any service provider is either two or three customers instead of just one . So do saving equipment and it has been said!

So is! Surely your family and friends have special talents that can help you on your wedding day. If your cousin is studying graphic design, maybe you can help prepare your invitations. If you have a friend who has a band it is likely that you can offer a discount. If your uncle is an amateur photographer and your cousin does not release the video camera, maybe you can help document your day. Get closer to your friends and see if there are ways that can help you celebrate your day … best wedding gift that lean on something they love to do and that you will appreciate for life.

Notes: If you want to lean on a friend or relative to any of the functions for which normally contratarías a provider of professional services, such as photography, make sure you have a plan B. For example asks two different people to help you with this work, because if one of them gets sick, or for any reason can not go on your wedding day, then the other may carry out the work. The advantages of lean on friends and family is obviously saving money, but my personal recommendation is that the things that really are important to you the contrasts with a professional, this is where prioritizing aid.

Have you heard the slogan “same style for less money”? Even if you have a money tree in the garden, does not mean you have to deprive of good taste. This is where being creative opens up a world of possibilities. You want a very beautiful wedding dress and stay within your budget? Fear not go out looking for a white dress! Hundreds of times I have seen beautiful brides dress with a dream that was not “wedding dress” (although for me, if the bride brings him since ES wedding dress). In many cases the garment has a label “wedding dress” only it means that the price is higher. Do not pigeonhole labels and explores new possibilities. The same for flowers: be creative, if there is a style of bouquet or floral arrangement that you love, but the price is somewhat exclusive, dare to explore options that are similar to a fraction of the price. You’d be amazed to discover how beautiful and original than can be saving money!

Let your creativity flow and make yourself the momentos, your wedding decorations, or even flowers. It must be well organized, because after all it is your day and you have to enjoy. But if you are a creative girl who loves challenges, there are hundreds of simple, easy, and hermosísimas ideas that you can do and accomplish great things with very little money. For example: Go to the flower market, or buy your flowers online, and get together with your bridesmaids a day before the wedding to make their bouquets – it’s easy and fun. Do the souvenirs and decorations for your wedding with your family, begins several months before the wedding not to be pressed. Use your resources and creative, creativity, originality born, and we all want a unique, original wedding, and unrepeatable little Are not?

This is where priority is again important. When you have your priorities raised well it is much easier to save on things that are not so important. If for you the most important of your wedding is to be in a dreamland then you can be flexible with other things such as food, drinks, flowers and other details. If you want a true feast for entertaining guests then you can save on room decoration, and other things in order to balance the scales. Here in name of the game is to prioritize and be flexible.

Your wedding is a reflection of you and your partner. Keep this in mind when prioritizing the elements of your wedding. If it comes to saving, you can easily choose to prioritize a couple of items and save on everything else without losing class and style. Everything is well organized thing and be creative.