10 books on feminism to read this summer

Summer is a good opportunity to read and catch up on current issues. Throughout the year we have made recommendations for the autumn season, winter or Book Day, based on publishing or retrieving a title we thought interesting news for you. You stop not review them because sure to find authors and topics of interest!

In addition, we have 10 new products that address very different aspects of feminism, like motherhood, stereotypes in cinema, controlling our body or public spaces. And we encourage you to discover wing Colombian artist Emma Reyes, Valencia feminist Mary Cambrils or the generation of women who have left their mark on the pop scene of Asturias, in northern Spain.

Excellent opportunity to learn about the Colombian painter Emma Reyes who, through letters to the historian German Arciniegas, recalls his childhood after being abandoned with her sister in a convent in the early twentieth century and the mark left by this stage in his life and his work. A moving book published in Spain after his success in Colombia. More »

If you follow the chronicles of Maria Castejon in pikara you know his work as film criticism and revisionism of many classics with humor and gender. As a researcher, published in 2013 ‘Stills gender. Representation of femininity and masculinity in the Spanish cinema (1977-1989) ‘and now addresses the 90s in its continuation:’ More frames gender ‘.

You may know her better in this interview;. More »

After the success of ‘How to be a woman’, a bestseller light and fun of pop feminism, British Caitlin Moran publishes ‘How is a girl does’ novel with autobiographical anecdotes about the passage to maturity of a young Midlands He began working as a music critic in London;. More »

The hot centerfolds like liturgy of capitalism or manufacture of desire in the world of beauty are some of the issues addressed Patricia Soley-Beltran in ‘Divine! Models, power and lies’ winning play Anagrama Essay Award 2015; The author, former model and a doctorate in sociology from the body by the University of Edinburgh, dismantles the universe ‘fashion’ and explores the relationship between body, identity and rules relations of power. More »

Do you consider our cities to women? Are inclusive public spaces? Based on analysis of Barcelona and its metropolitan area, Anna Ortiz, Maria Prats Ferret and Maria Dolors Garcia Ramon, specialists on Gender and Geography at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​reflect on the need to bring the public space to citizens through collective use , inclusive, free and maintain their own identity;. More »

Collection of articles and prologues of the Barcelona writer Laura Freixas. Gather your point of view critical of patriarchy, the legitimization of violence against women and the invisibility of women’s issues, especially motherhood. He also talks about the lack of recognition of writers and artists, axis of his work as head of the Association for gender equality in the Classical and Modern Culture.

In the second part of ‘The Silence of the mothers’ Freixas portrays great writers like Virginia Woolf, Rosa Chacel or Carmen Martin Gaite-;. More »

This book recovers the biography, thought and contributions of Mary Cambrils (Valencia, Alicante 1877- 1939), one of the promoters of socialist feminism in Spain. In the 20s, Cambrils analyzed the specific problems of women of the era and its subordination to man. This volume of Rosa Solbes, Ana Aguado and Joan Miquel Almela rescues this pioneering unknown by much of society, and it includes his articles and reference book. ‘socialist feminism’; More »

An interesting curiosity for lovers of Spanish music scene edited by the Asturian Institute for Women. This is a job and rock genre by Susana Cart, Roxana Popelka and Elena de la Puente (photographs) on the Asturian bands Nosoträsh (pictured), Pauline at the Beach, Undershakers, Chiquita and scrap, CasiCasiotone and cantautora Anabel Santiago, consolidated in a universe that is still male;. More »

Women ‘is an anthology of female portraits of Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, who died last April 13. Next to the profile of Camille Claudel, Rosa Luxemburg or Josephine Baker, among others, reminds the French and Mexican revolutionary successes of women and other groups. A tribute to women written by one of the great defenders of our rights. More »

It is published in Spanish ‘Mass Strike, parties and unions’ classic text of political science at Rosa Luxemburg collecting his theory about the strike of the masses as a central element of the “revolutionary strategy” after living the Russian Revolution of 1905 from Germany and Poland. It has been translated by José Aricó and Nora Rosenfeld;. More »