10 apps that collect all your wedding photos in one place

The days when disposable cameras were put on the tables have passed into history. Now that there are digital cameras of all prices and sizes, each brings its own smartphone camera, and music players to cameras … cameras include unmade seem to have no use. Except for that that before the end of the wedding, all cameras are collected and the couple could enjoy all the fabulous pictures that their guests had taken. Today … if you do not organize a little before the wedding, you probably will not see even half of the photographic gems that your guests capture. But it does not have to be like that! If you know you’ll variety of photographic fans with smartphone in hand ideally once and choose an app that does all the work for you. If! These 10 apps are designed just for that.

(Of course, if you’re using instagram you can skip all this and read the free! Geeky solution)

One of the Top apps for wedding, definitely some of the best of the best in wedding websites, web Appily wedding is an app for virtually solves everything. With it you can share all the information about the details of your wedding including addresses, programs, maps, photos, messages, and so on. Your hire the App and your guests have access to the free. Here the good: during the wedding, your guests can take pictures and upload them to the app and you can access them all quick and easy.

This app has been exclusively designed to collect and share photos of your wedding. The guests share the photos that are taken during the wedding using the app Cake Face and all the photos are sent to an online album while they are taken. If you want you can go projecting images on a large screen while they arrive to the album … you can not, then access them. The service has a cost of about $ 199 US.

Capsule business, are not the apps, but printing photos, cards, and large format images. To make use of their services you register for free and invite your guests to download the app and register your “capsule”. In addition to allowing anyone who is registered in your capsule upload photos and videos, you can send all e-group and upload information so that everyone can access it all from your email. Not bad right?

Invite your guests to share photos and videos you take on your wedding GuestShots using the app or through your website, then you can choose any of the packages that are available to access your images. Some of the options you can hire include upload your photos to an album on Facebook, design a wedding photo album 100 pages, and create a movie of your wedding.

Once you’ve acquired PhotoOpp online, you can invite your guests to download the app PhotoOpp. Unlike other apps, once your guests have downloaded the app, they have to do nothing. Instead you will record all data about where your wedding and the app will automatically be enabled when your guests arrive to the site will be held. They can upload the pictures they take, view photos others took, and guests who can not attend the wedding can enjoy them live under are being taken by the guests that if they attended your wedding.

By contracting with Snapable you can create an album and ask your guests to take pictures using the app Snapable. A copy of each photo they take with the app will be added to your album. After the wedding you can download your favorite photos and share them on the network.

Wedding Party is associated with Mywedding.com, so the photos that your guests get on the app can be shared on page wedding you’ve contracted with Mywedding.com. It works by downloading the app (you and your guests) and asking them to share their photos through the app.

Download the free app WedPics and invite your family and friends to participate (either by e-mail or through Facebook). Your guests can see your album, upload photos for your wedding (or after the wedding), using photographic filters, and jot down your comments. Even guests who do not have smartphones can upload the pictures they have taken with their digital cameras to the network.

Once WeddingSnap.com contracts with any of its services, you can ask your guests to download the app Wedding Snap either including cards with instructions on invitations, via email, or Facebook. They can upload photos and videos to your album during the wedding, even if no service on the site — wedding reception is better then the photos will be uploaded automatically. After the wedding you can download and print photos.

Register for WedSocial and invite your guests to download the app and share your photos. If you sign up with them you can also share information about the event (such as addresses, using googlemaps), engagement photos, yours and your partner biographies, and even information about the wedding party.