10 great Latin American poets with influences of feminism

Feminism and literature have walked together since the early medieval writings of Cristina de Pisan until today. In the case of poetry, the work of many authors has been a good source of analysis of female interiority, conflicts with motherhood, the demystification of romantic love and the creative freedom of women. We choose ten essential poets in the Spanish language, both Spanish and Latin American, with a strong feminist mark on his poetry.

Gabriela Mistral (Vicuna, Chile, April 6, 1889-New York, January 10, 1957). The only winning Latina Nobel Prize for Literature notable for a charged humanism poetry in which women and their daily lives, especially mothers and teachers are the protagonists. The social criticism of the situation of women workers is also present in the work of a free intellectual.

Alfonsina Storni (Sala Capriasca, Switzerland, May 29, 1892- Mar del Plata, Argentina, October 25, 1938). Postmodernist poet, besides writer and feminist journalist, Storni defended the right of women to vote and criticized through his newspaper articles gender stereotypes. He lived in constant conflict with her sex and social constraints suffered. His poems are a vindication of women’s freedom. He committed suicide after battling depression and breast cancer. His poem ‘You want me white’ is considered heir to another great feminist composition: ‘Man fools’ Sor Juana Ines.

Magda Portal (Lima, Peru, 27 June 1900 to 11 July 1989). Poet, leader of the Peruvian feminism and political activist, Magda Portal was a rebellious woman whose lyrical work is included in modernism and has left several verses to the story despite leaving soon poetry to focus on politics.

Blanca Varela (Lima, Peru, 10 August 1926 to 12 March 2009). Undoubtedly one of the most important poets of Latin America, Lima Blanca Varela began experimenting feminism late, when it was mother. Before motherhood, her work was “asexual”, which is what she longed to be: a person without a defined sex. Since then he claimed a “proper dimension for women” outside man, the style of Luce Irigaray.

Juana de Ibarbourou (Melo, Uruguay, March 8, 1892 – Montevideo, Uruguay, July 15, 1979). Nature, death and love are recurring themes of poetic imagery of Joan of Ibarbourou, considered a pioneer for his way of portraying the feminine eroticism and sarcasm and irony portrayed the role of women in the society of his time.

Book Highlights: ‘The Diamond languages’ / ‘root Wild’ (Hispanic Literature, Chair).

Alternatives to the center table

Centerpieces wedding reception are an essential part of the decor. They imbue the place with the spirit of celebration you have chosen for your wedding. Whether you’re celebrating a formal or casual wedding, you are following a theme or a color scheme and design, the centerpieces are vital element to reflect this in your reception.

Among the sea of ​​options and alternatives out there, a good way to start to define the style you want to see in your wedding is considering season of the year when you marry. If! This has great advantages as well as help you define a range of options also will offer the freshest flowers for your wedding day as well as more affordable. Here are some ideas for centerpieces season to get a taste of the beauties offered by each station and what you can do with them.

If you marry in the spring you will have plenty of options for flowers, theme, and details.

Summer is almost unequivocally holiday symbol, adventure, and unconcern. It is certainly a season full of joy and fun. When choosing a summer center table choose vibrant colors that reflect the carefree fun of the season. It includes flowers of the season as well as being beautiful are those that are better adapted to the climate. Finally, dare to reflect summer elements that have closest to your heart. If summer for you involves sun, sand and beach then why not include cute beachy accents to centerpieces? If more field visits, the river, or just long and beautiful days of fun for you, then those summer includes elements that go beyond the warmth of your memories. Here are some ideas for centerpieces that you’ll love. Get inspired and choose a flower arrangement carrying your guests to a summer paradise.

After summer comes fall, and with it a full season of color and symbolism. Typical autumn flowers are very particular and extraordinary beauty. Autumn table centers are interesting and rich colors that touch the heart textures. Autumn colors with rich earth tones change little over the years, and the reason is clear: because Mother Nature dictates. As planting season collection and transition between summer and winter there are clear elements only see this season, think wheat, cider, pumpkins, and everything that has to do with this special season. For centerpieces table autumnal considered include one or more autumnal elements within it.

Label for a semiformal wedding

A semiformal wedding is the perfect marriage between tradition and etiquette of a formal wedding and the fun and freedom that offers a casual wedding etiquette. This type of label is perfect for weddings that will be outdoors in fun locations, or just not too attached to tradition. All in all there are some etiquette guidelines to follow to achieve that sophisticated and elegant look you want to have even without all those tuxedos and formal dresses. Meet them now!

formal etiquette for everyone in general.

Women can wear

Men can wear

See invitation

When choosing attire follows the guidance of the invitation and if you doubt consult your hosts.

semiformal dress for bride

Label guidelines are to help set the tone of your wedding. What the guests, wedding party, and all actually wear depend on the degree of formality you choose for your wedding. However, if you are the bride, you can choose a more formal dress if you wish.

If! A semiformal wedding really gives you the freedom to choose almost any wedding dress you like, in the shape that suits you, and you prefer long. So you have to keep in mind is the comfort and convenience factor (factors which believe it or not play an important role in the origin of all this etiquette and formality).

For example, you do not want to wear a dress with monarch type cauda for a beach wedding or botanical garden. It would be very difficult to walk through the areas of the event and not the impracticality and possibly say that would be hot. This is where common sense and etiquette guidelines come to help.

Consider the following guidelines as the minimum of formality required, and if you choose something more luxurious always consider all factors.

For a semiformal wedding in the afternoon or evening the bride can wear

For a semiformal daytime wedding the bride can wear

semiformal tag for the groom

The wedding party

formal etiquette for godmothers.

Bridesmaids dresses should complement the bride’s dress as style, elegance and formality. Never never can never be longer, elaborate or elegant the bride dress. (Keep in mind that this rule applies to all levels of formality at a wedding.)

By tradition, though no label, it is customary for the matron of honor outfit look somewhat different and a little more elaborate than the rest of the godmothers. The idea is that the matron of honor can be easily identified by the other guests. If the bride has appointed a gentleman with this honor should dress like the groom groomsmen.

formal etiquette for sponsors.

The groomsmen attire groom is usually equal to the groom, this makes it distinguishable from other sponsors, whose attire may be somewhat less elaborate. Usually the difference is a simple detail like the vest or tie are a bit different from the rest of the boys. The most important thing is to follow a line of style and create a uniform look and elegant.

If the groom chooses a maid of honor rather than groomsmen, she may look similar to the godmothers of the bride dress. The main difference will be that it will not take but a corsage bouquet.

formal etiquette for young bridesmaids, young ladies, and pages

Young bridesmaids can wear dresses inspired by those who wear godmothers but appropriate to their size and age.

The young ladies (when still children) can wear a dress inspired by the dress of the bride or the ladies, made in similar materials, that is appropriate to their size and age. They can also wear a cute mandilito organza on a wedding cake or complementary color to the colors of the dresses of the bridesmaids, of similar material or velvet opaque tiny hooks or lace and shoes patent leather or ballerina slippers type.

The young ladies and pajesitos must be dressed so that complement their outfits. Similarly children you choose to bring your dress cauda or to participate in any wedding event.

If the pages are less than 6 years they can wear shorts and pants for day to night, a bag, a dress shirt and a bow tie. If it is greater than 6 years he can wear a dress version of the godfathers according to their size and age.

formal etiquette for parents and mothers of the bride and groom

Parents should choose outfits that besides fulfilling requiring the level of formality of the event, complement the regalia of the couple and the wedding party.

Mothers of the bride and groom can wear

Note: As godmothers, it is recommended that the regalia of the mothers of the couple never be more formal, elaborate, or elegant the bride dress. When choosing trousseau, moms, take into account the length, style, and type of material of the wedding dress and ladies. Choose something flattering and that complements the style of the bridesmaids and do not blanch style of the bride.

Remember: tradition dictates that the mother of the bride chooses trousseau first to give the mother of the groom an idea of ​​what will and so the latter can choose something that combines complementary in style and formality.

Parents of the bride and groom can wear


A wedding party aides should be informed of the color scheme and style the wedding party will be following this way they can look somewhat similar in style and formality.

Newlyweds: Decorating the car Grooms

The earliest historical records tell us how the wedding guests went out to lay off boyfriends, vitoreándoles and pouring batons as newlyweds were heading home to finally rest dela wedding festivities. From the late 50’s with the mass manufacturing of automobiles, this tradition became the decoration of the car in which the couple would leave. Godfather s first took this tradition, godmothers and then came together to tradition. Today both the wedding party and relatives of the bride and groom are involved in car decoration of the couple.

This tradition is particularly common in Latin America, USA and Russia … who besides celebrating the couple decorating your car add special touches to make sure that no evil spirit to approach them or interrupt their happiness. As part of this strategy to protect the couple touched the horn nonstop and sonores cans and other devices to the rear bumper of the car they are moored, with much noise nO chocarrero spirit will want to approach!

Although in many parts of Latin America the car is decorated with some floral accents and a pair of festive ribbons, all in good taste and easy to remove later. In U.S.A. it is common to take this opportunity to play pranks on newlyweds … and no problem with that, as long as the witty ensure that the fun in question does them end up costing thousands of dollars, or worse, your safety.

Generally speaking companies that rent vehicles for weddings, have some restrictions on how and how decorate the car. So if you’re in charge of car decoration definitely you want to check with the rental company which are the lines they handle. In fact, even if they decorate a car owned by the newlyweds, it is good idea to take the same care with a rental car. Many of the products out there on the internet suggesting walk can severely damage the vehicle and cause permanent damage to the exterior paint. So that innocent little joke may end forever etched in the car if you do not pay attention.

Safety above all

Suitable materials for car decoration

The most important books of Flora Tristan

The two most important books of the Franco-Peruvian feminist Flora Tristan are ‘Pilgrimages of a Pariah’ (1838) and ‘Union Obrera’ (1843). Both have left their mark on socialist feminism, which is maximum representative with Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxembourg and Alexandra Kollontai.

The first is much more than an autobiography, because in parallel to the events of his life the author expresses his feminist thesis, his reflections on the machismo that prevents you lead your life independently, and his tireless struggle to get away from her ex-husband an offender who chased through the streets of Paris, coming to attack her in the street, while the authorities not only did nothing about it but considered illegal separation.

“My husband started to haunt me and wanted to take my daughter, because she realized that I was happy to have her near me.” ( ‘Pilgrimages of a Pariah’)

Experiential also ‘Union Obrera’ (1843) is a chronicle of labor and social conditions of the proletariat.

In this book, it goes beyond these formulations and defends women’s education in addition to a union of workers in a labor International that peacefully, claimed dignity and justice. Regarding women, it is strong also his stance against marriage and regrets that many girls do not attend school and are exploited, first in the family home, and then by a husband, as if his only destiny was to serve a man.

“The level of civilization reached between different human societies is in proportion to the independence enjoyed by women”. ( ‘Union Obrera’, 1843).

Source: ‘The life written by women’. Volume II: ‘The pen as a sword’. (Coordinator: Anna Caballé Publisher Ballantine Books.). ‘Pilgrimages a pariah, Flora Tristan, 1838

Oscars 2015: Hollywood actresses rebel against sexism

In the latest installment of the Oscar film awards many famous actresses have joined to attack sexism awards and media during the red carpet moment they enter the theater.

Questions about his clothes, if they come or not accompanied, if they wear girdles reducing the time they have been primping … The interpreters are tired of bombarding them with frivolous or personal matters and instead, nobody seems interested in their roles in the films or their future projects. And this must be added, the flat bottom-up of the cameras to show her body or highlight your ass and her breasts, something that has outraged Cate Blanchett, among others. This sexisma and sensationalist treatment informarmativo not practiced with them instead, as evidenced in this fun experiment.

The novelty of the 2015 edition were the ‘mani-cam’, which E! He incorporated in the SAG awards from critics.

From Smart Girl, the educational project of comic Amy Poehler, in the last edition was launched an initiative: social sharing moments of sexism that are issued from the red carpet with #AskHerMore tag (# hazlemáspreguntas) and propose questions of real interest to women filmmakers. “How it affects the sector crisis?”, “Did you meet the real protagonist of the story you play?”, “What do you think that no woman among the directors candidates in 2015?”, “Why there is so much wage gap between you and male candidates? “… could be some questions to better understand that the Film Academy considered the best performers of the year.

Beyond the categories of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, among the few professionals nominated destacaronn Sandra Adair, responsible for assembling ‘Boyhood’ and Laura Poitras, director of the documentary ‘Citizenfour’ starring Edward Snowden, who is espionage cases in the NSA.

Alongside them, makeup artists, production designers and costume designers, categories in which there is high female representation itself.

Not so in the most important awards: screenwriting, directing, foreign film, or better film, which competes ‘Selma’, a film about the struggle for civil rights of the black population, led by an African American woman Ava DuVernay and produced by the powerful Oprah Winfrey.

The ceremony marked a before and after in claim equal pay for actresses and actors in Hollywood and for women in general, on any business sector. Responsible for vindicate front of the cameras was Patricia Arquette, Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Boyhood, in an intervention that has already passed to the history of the Academy Awards American Film.

15 famous phrases to understand feminism

We did not want to assimilate standards kids about what (the rock) should or should not be. “; More»

The cibor is a kind of personal, postmodern and collective self, disassembled and reassembled. It is the self feminists must code “;. More»

Economic equality is a great need for women. Having a job that provides income means that women can also have a more equal force in the political process. But income is not the only benefit that women are at work. Beyond the money is essential part of the continuous work of a society “;. More»

Most people assumed that women could not run the distance of a marathon and that if they tried damage would. Most women were not interested in running for the same reason, and many people also believed that hard sports women became more masculine;. More »

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibility. Dream, finally, after all, is a form of planning. “; More»

5 Ideas for winter table centers

The flowers you can find during the winter season, both which are found only in the winter as they are always available, are varied and very beautiful. So technically, you can have almost any type of centerpiece at your wedding. But if you’re planning a winter themed wedding you might want to bring the magic of the season in your centerpieces. Here are some ideas center table perfect for a winter holiday themed wedding.

Only once a year beautiful spheres hanging from trees, garlands and wreaths are. This is during the winter! These beautiful Christmas decorations developed only used in blown glass and intricate designs. The spheres were evolving over time in all kinds of designs who are now vintage and very fashionable. Today you can find them all kinds of materials and prices.

Important: Limit yourself to a single color areas for all centerpieces, or at most a monochromatic or two-tone combination. Whether you use two colors spheres base, or a color center table and another color other centerpiece. This will give your arrangement a unified and sophisticated look.

Tip: Want to save a little? Visit the Dollar Store, generally they offer packages of plastic beads one color of various sizes and designs. With a little luck you will find areas where one color theme of your wedding. Get a glass bases (surely find them there too), place the spheres, and enough water to cover. And ready! Center and super chic minimalist table.

Do you love winter, Christmas, wedding or want a new year? You really do not need to do many different things when planning your wedding. One of the elements that can most make a difference in setting the tone of the wedding is the color scheme in flowers and decor. Just choose the color scheme that best represents winter the holiday of your choice.

You’ve probably seen pinecones in almost all kinds of winter decorations. These beautiful little gifts of mother nature begin to make their appearance in autumn and winter but are really booming in the spring. In cold weather it is not very common to see the floors of parks and forests full of pineapples during winter and hence we can enjoy this beautiful “flowers” wood in all kinds of decorations.

For a super winter center it includes table and natural pine cones, pine needles, berries and other typical elements of the season. You can also use a pine wreath with pine cones and festive decorations as centerpiece including one or more candles in the center. Besides being a centerpiece with personality is an excellent memory for your guests because they can proudly hang the wreath on your door and remember your wedding every time they enter and leave the house.

Tip: If your color scheme does not include coffee you can easily paint pineapples color you want.

Want a more modern and chic look? Such reinvent the classic centerpieces with a touch more futuristic and at the forefront.

For a winter look like the first picture it includes dry branches silver, votive candles in glass vasijitas seem icicles, and another dendrobium orchid wand entwined by the branches.

You can also enjoy something more contemporary and modern as the arrangement of the second photograph.

Centerpieces made from a single type of flowers and a single tone are classic, elegant and super chic. Use seasonal flowers such as tulips. If you are celebrating a winter themed wedding you can choose one of the colors that symbolize the holiday and you can use the other thematic accents in the rest of the decor. This will give a very elegant and sophisticated feel to your wedding without losing the magic of the holiday that you chose as your wedding theme.

The wonder of planning your wedding is that you are who will decide what items you want to include in your centerpiece, which will use color scheme, and theme. Remember that at the end of the day is what you’re celebrating your marriage and your wedding so feel free to choose centerpieces that really enjoy. Congratulations and to celebrate it has been said!

History of Mary Shelley, creator of ‘Frankenstein’

Two of the most important women in history in Britain, feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and her daughter, author Mary Shelley never met in person. Mary Shelley was born on August 30, 1797, but after a grueling labor was necessary to call a doctor who, for lack of hygiene, infected his mother of an infectious disease. Ten days later, he died the author of “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman ‘. And that baby grow and not only write with only 19 years one of the most fascinating novels in the history of literature, ‘Frankenstein’, but devote his life to preserve and promote the legacy of his mother.

“The memory of my mother has always been the pride and joy of my life.” (Mary Shelley).

Mary Wollstonecraft Goodwin (adopted as the name Wollstonecraft Shelley when she married the poet and philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley) was born in London in the late eighteenth century. His father was William Goodwin, political and anarchist thinker who also go down in history as the author of the first novel by British detectives, ‘Caleb Williams’ in 1794.

At home, he presided over by a large portrait of Wollstonecraft, lived with his father and sister Fanny and both always had access to the works of her famous mother, who devoted several manuals to education for girls. As stated in the book ‘Romantic Outlaws: The extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley’ (Charlotte Gordon), “his radical philosophy molded Shelley, precipitating his determination to be somebody and create a masterpiece in itself”.

The girl grew inside creating their own literary world, isolating himself with the literature of grief over the loss of her mother, lack of understanding with the second wife of Goodwin and, already in adolescence, his absence during the two years he was sent to Scotland that influenced the development of his own imaginary universe.

“It was under the trees belonging to our house, or on the shady slopes of the treeless mountains near where my true compositions, the airy flights of my imagination, were born and encouraged”. (Preface to the English edition of “Frankenstein” in 1831)

Mary Shelley wrote 11 years since his first stories and at 15 she met her future husband, Percy Shelley, then married another woman. Two years later they began a relationship without he were still divorced, revolutionizing the conservative upper class Londoner. Together they made a tour of Europe and with all the material, Mary wrote her first adult play “Story of a six-week tour ‘, published in November 1817.

Several biographies of Mary narrate how the origin of the creature ‘Frankenstein’ took place during a trip to Geneva with her little sister Jane Clairmont and Percy Shelley to meet Lord Byron, concerning the romantic literature of the time. During his stay, from June to August, between discussions and literary games, Lord Byron proposed to his guests a challenge: write a ghost story in the style of German stories. And in a few weeks, Mary Shelley wrote a short story that would be the germ of his masterpiece.

Now back to England, a series of tragic episodes, including the suicide of his sister Fanny and woman Percy Shelley, Harriet followed. In this gloomy environment, in May 1817, Mary Shelley finished writing “Frankenstein”, to be published in 1818 in London on condition of anonymity. Shelley’s authorship itself appear in the first French edition in 1823. The success of the work, considered one of the first science fiction novels, was immediate. And his myth and interpretations, also feminist, still present today in day.

Shelley marriage settled in Italy in 1818, and Mary cared for her only living son (three previously died) and, especially, continued to write. Most of his efforts and talent poured into the historical novel ‘Valperga’, 1823, but also after the death of Percy in a boat accident, returned to London and gave full edit the lyrical work of her husband .

Among other own works, in 1826 he published ‘The last man’, post-apocalyptic novel, considered his other great masterpiece, and a new foray into the genre of gothic fiction, which is the most important representative.

In February 1851 (1 or 21, depending on the consulted biographies), Mary Shelley dies at 53 years in London, after a decade sick for a brain tumor.

(Sources: ‘Romantic Outlaws: The extraordinary lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley’, Charlotte Gordon, and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley biography in Poetry Foundation).

Why urges demystify romantic love?

There is a cross of a broad sector of feminism against romantic love (not against love) that has so damaged the autonomy and freedom of women. This is not to deny the sexual attraction, pleasure, desire or the idea of ​​affection and healthy living, but to demystify an idea of ​​love associated with dependence, submission and the need for another person to feel fulfilled (the ‘myth orange media ‘). This is the idea of ​​love that when approaching Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, invades movie screens, music and advertising.

And there are many arguments to demystify

1. Lose control. That phrase fills our cities these days with the premiere of the film ’50 Shades of Grey ‘. However, the harassment of the protagonist and sex and foreplay is pure proposed apology of violence against women. When the film portrays a woman who becomes obsessed with a man, this is almost always a disturbed (like the ‘Fatal Attraction’ by Glenn Close), a frustrated, alcoholic and ‘neurotic’ woman who competes with her daughter (as the Mrs. Robinson in ‘the graduate’) or a sick woman can do all sorts of things, even die for love (as in ‘Juana la Loca’ by Vicente Aranda).

2. These ideas that invade our social imagination born of literature, especially from the nineteenth century, music, advertising and film.

3. Let’s get to reality: A third of young Spaniards justified control as part of the relationship.

33% of young men and women Spaniards between 15 and 29 agree that the times of the couple are controlled, allowing you study or not, and limit your relationship with your family or friends, according to a study by the CIS and the Secretariat of Equality. The funny thing is that 97% reject sexist violence both physical and psychological, that is, do not identify these behaviors as violence, as explained in his presentation of the study coordinator, Veronica de Miguel.

The association between love and control is extended and new technologies simplify this type of violence, hence the importance of using educational resources like this web Educandoenigualdad.com to work the myths of love since adolescence, when they begin romantic relationships .

We must never forget, whatever our age, that romantic love determines excess emotional, professional and personal development of women. Us into supporting roles of our own history. So demystify dates as Valentine is essential.